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Planet Patrol

Planet Patrol

Planet Patrol Community Guardian

Shrimpy’s, Looe is partnered with Planet Patrol; our interests, aims and vision for Shrimpy’s, Looe always has Looe at the forefront of our brand processes so becoming a ‘Community Guardian’ for our town enhances our ethos of ‘preserve and protect’ even more.

Planet Patrol exists to protect our planet and wildlife by addressing the pressing threats of litter and the single-use culture. A non-profit organisation and movement of people working for a cleaner future. The aim is to stop pollution at the source, eliminate single use materials and litter! PP raises public awareness and educates people about the harmful effects of waste and what we can do to address it, as well as providing everyone with a free app to log litter - this will gather data and help scientific research into waste and litter. The conduction of this research will show an insight into environmental impacts and result in industrial change by holding the Government to account.

I am over the moon to be part of this much needed movement; the connection between human and nature is stronger than ever so now is the time we need to give back and protect our natural surroundings preventing habitat and oceanic decline.

As a Community Guardian for Looe I am an advocate for everything ‘Planet Patrol’ - this will involve me leading litter picking clean ups along East Looe Beach and Hannafore.

Please follow our social media for event information.

“Becoming part of Planet Patrol has been incredibly important to me – I feel a true sense of belonging to the movement and I use my ‘Community Guardian’ title with pride”

Alice Lundy
Community Guardian