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The Story

The Story

Whilst studying for my Masters degree predominantly through lockdown I was fed solely with the surroundings of Looe, Cornwall. I often found myself visiting the beautiful coastal path that we are so lucky to have here; I have always had a love for the sea and the coastline I am so fortunate to see everyday however, my connection with the ocean enabled me to form Shrimpy’s.

When asking myself ‘what does the ocean need from us?’ – I allowed my creativity and interests to combine fashion, design and sustainability.

Shrimpy’s was born as an ethos and context in my mind alongside the exploration of the place that I live, Looe. My ambitions are that this brand will not only form a way of life for myself, but for the customers that I intend to encapsulate within the progression. I aim to tie up the threads of location, diversity, creation and rid the misconceptions of sustainable products. The output is displayed as a merchandise brand that is currently featured around Children’s wear due to the need and demand within the area; this however can be expanded to adult clothing when necessary.

Looe is situated on the South East coast of Cornwall, featuring all of the common fundamentals of a seaside town … but in my opinion it is like no other. And therefor the correlation of scenery developed the name and artwork around ‘Shrimpy’s’.

My desire is deeper than just to provide clothing, it needs to be impactful, to not just me, but others too. It is imperative that people feel as though they are buying into the brand and not just providing revenue; nurturing the creator and consumer relationship is key.