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The Mantis Jacket



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The Mantis Jacket

Unisex baby and toddlers denim jacket ...


The Mantis is the perfect denim accompaniment to any Shrimpy’s outfit – as part of our SS 22 release this staple is a timeless addition to our ever growing range.


Comprised of organic cotton and nickel free poppers, this multifaceted jacket dons an authentic sense of ‘cool’ whilst maintaining the coastal chic vibe that Shrimpy’s aims to provide in every fit.


Impact of choosing this product over conventionally farmed cotton:

  • 59 Days of drinking water saved
  • 5 km of driving emissions avoided
  • 5 m2 of land farmed without pesticides

DM or Email for customisation and personalisation requests.

Please allow for slightly longer delivery times with this product - DM or email for specific timings.